Shift of Purpose

So I decided to make this blog a personal / photography blog like some of my friends (and soon my sister as well) are doing. I will still have my other blogs, namely my main photography blog, my DevArt page, my co-op movie rating blog, and my article blog, though. The only blog this would be replacing to the largest extent is my Randomness blog.

Now, as of yet I have no idea what I’ll be posting about. I highly expect to be asking a lot of questions, writing an opinion, a fact, or some photography, etc. though who knows, I may end up just posting about trips (photography) we went on like I did on my last blog titled this. XD (for thos of you who don’t know, I once had a blog back in 2008 or so that was similar in title to this)

Anyway, what are your opinions of what I should post?


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